Recruitment Instructions

Here you will find out information about the guild and its policies. You can also find out about recruitment and post applications here.
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Recruitment Instructions

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Phoenix of the Sun Recruitment Instructions - Updated 9 October 2009

PotS is a mature and friendly guild with the emphasis on maintaining a guild with a family feel, where members are respectful of one another. We only accept members who are 15 years of age or older. We are more interested in recruiting the person behind the character than the character itself. PotS aims to offer our members the chance of experiencing all aspects of WoW and with this in mind we are interested in recruiting members who share this interest. We are not just interested in endgame raiding and as a result if this is your sole purpose in joining us then I’d suggest approaching a more endgame orientated guild.

You can find more information about who we are here.

1. New Applicants are required to Post an Application on the forums (registration here is required).
When you are registered you can write an application at the Publix Forums < Guild Information, registration and Application. When hitting the 'New Topic' button, the template will open.
The application template includes these questions:
  1. What is your main character's name?
  2. Who are you? Your Real life name, your age, your hobbies, work, you name it! The more we know you, the better!
  3. Your Characters, names, Classes, Level, and so on.
  4. Any previous WoW Guild History and why you left.
  5. State an agreement that you read, agree and understand the Guild Codex.
  6. State an agreement that you read, agree and understand the Raid Codex.
  7. State an agreement that you have and use an Authenticator.
  8. Who do you know in PotS?
  9. What do you expect from PotS? Pretty clear, what do you think we can offer you and why do you wish to become a member of PotS?
  10. Do you have any specific play times? How active are you, playing-wise? If you're never on-line during the week, we can take this into account for your trial.
  11. Anything else you want to share with us?
When you finished your application form by clicking submit. Feel free to read it and / or edit your layout and text to make it look better. You can find it here at the Guild Information, Registration and Application forums.

Remember a well written application can bring you a long way and please let us know who you are as a person; it's you not your ability we want.

2. After a couple of days (time enough to briefly discuss your application), an Officer will add a post to your recruitment thread asking you to /whisper an officer for an invite - this will start a 2 week trial with the guild. During this time try to get to know your fellow guildies and should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask an officer.

3. There can usually only be 3 recruits undergoing a trial at anyone time. If all slots are taken you will need to wait until a slot becomes available (which will be the end of a recruits trial). Slots will be filled in order of sign up. If a slot is not available when you apply for your trial an estimated date of when your trial will begin will be posted to your recruitment thread. If a slot is not available when you apply and as a result you no longer wish to undergo a trial please let us know.

4. During your trial with the guild, members will give various feedback to the officers in the guild. Remember the codex and the ethos of the guild and you'll be fine. If however any issue crops up on your trial an officer will contact you to discuss it.

5. If the feedback we receive is insufficient and we feel you would benefit from an extension we may extend your trial up to a limit of a further 2 weeks. If this does happen it may indicate that you are not making the intended impact within the guild, and we would ask that you try to impress upon the members a little more. This can happen in cases where people are a bit reserved and shy, but try to remember why you joined a guild in the first place - to be part of a community, to get involved with others. It may be felt that you would benefit from the appointment of a patron/sponsor if you are generating insufficient feedback and one may be offered, however, acceptance of a patron/sponsor is at the discretion of the recruit and is not compulsory. If at the conclusion of your trial you have not received sufficient feedback from members you will be unsuccessful in your trial. If at any time during your trial we feel you are not demonstrating the qualities we believe are essential to be a suitable PotS member your trial may end and you will be unsuccessful in your application.

6. If after 2 weeks (or up to 4 weeks - see point no.5) you are successful you will be invited as a full member, and you will be given access to the members area of the website. If unsuccessful, an officer will feedback the reasons for this to you, and you will be removed from the guild. You may reapply after one month if you wish.

7. We see ourselves as a family guild, so we want to recruit people who are sure that they want to give PotS a serious try, and who are not "just" looking for a guild to join. Because of that we ask you to not apply for any other guilds at the same time as you are applying for PotS. Doing so anyway will lead to automatic rejection of your application.

*Note (1): At any time during the application process you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask anyone in the guild.

Some handy Hints and Tips to help you be a successful member.
  • Be friendly to others in the game (especially within the guild).
  • Try to be active on guild chat from time to time.
  • Being active in forum discussions will get you noticed and will certainly help.
  • Don't be afraid to ask any questions. The officers can usually help you there.
  • After a few weeks full membership, don't be afraid to offer to sponsor other new applicants.
  • If you are New to the Game, there are regular grouping and instance runs to dungeons that can help you with certain grouping aspects of the game. Please feel free to put your name down for one of these, the members attending will try to help you through the instance and show you some important tips.

Good luck.


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