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Guild Information

Posted: Fri 02-Oct-2009 18:53
by Uinseann
Phoenix of the Sun: Home of the Rampage, any night of the week.

Phoenix of the Sun is a social and mature guild. At PotS the person behind the character is more important than the characters they play. Many of us know each other in Real Life and we regularly have guild meets in different countries.

PotS is a home for both casual and raiding members. We raid frequently and make progress 'PotS' style: at our own pace.

If you're interested in joining us. We encourage you to read the information below carefully. If you think you are PotS material after reading this information, then we encourage you to Register at this board and write an application.

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Phoenix of the Sun.

Guild Codex

Posted: Fri 02-Oct-2009 18:58
by Uinseann
The Phoenix of the Sun Codex - Updated 18 October 2014

1. The Golden Rule: To have fun.

2. All rules, except the Golden Rule, are subject to change.

3. Amount of playtime is not a requirement for membership. Keep healthy and happy your personal lives and relationships. No game is worth the decay of your real world lives. However, we hope you play as often as you can, it's your guild and any form of involvement is welcome be it through guild chat, posting on the forums or making an effort to participate in activities and raids. Those who show little or no involvement with the guild or disappear without any explanation for many weeks may be let go. A simple notice on the boards will do in case of extended absence.

4. Members of Phoenix need to have an account on this forum. We strongly suggest that you read this forum daily to keep up with what going on within the guild, and participate in some discussions. Use the forums to suggest events and it's a great place for posting your ideas. This really does help bond us together and give us a much more family spirit.

5. Phoenix requires its members not to be part of more than one WOW Alliance guild as we hope Phoenix will be everything you could possibly want in a guild.

Should you want to leave PotS, we expect you to be honest about this and either inform the officers or leave Phoenix before you apply for another guild. If you apply for another guild while you're still a member of PotS without letting the officers know, you will be removed from the guild.

6. Be Honourable in all you do. Your actions reflect on the entire guild. Whether you are with other guild members or not you are expected to follow these rules, to help others in need, and never to kill steal, loot-hog, or otherwise show traits those immature “1337” kids can have. This is an adult-oriented guild, and childish behaviour is undesired.

7. Be Polite. Rudeness, spamming, excessive profanity, and other similar activities will not be tolerated. That being said, I hope we become friends enough to joke with each other where appropriate, without taking undue offence. Whilst we enjoy colourful and sometimes adult humour please be aware that many of our members have young children that may be watching.

8. Need over Greed. When on raids, and on general adventuring with the guild, items should go to the classes and members that need it most. Please see the Group Looting policy below for further information.

9. We like all our members to follow all Blizzards policies which can be found here. In line with Blizzards security system we also like our members to protect PoTS and their fellow members; therefore you must have an authenticator before joining. At PotS we take pride in accepting the person behind the character and as a result of this we would ask that you do not allow others to play your character during your time with us. We feel this is important, as it is you who are recruited and not your character.

10. If you fail to live up to this codex you may get an official warning on the member section on this forum. If you fail to make amends and/or get three official warnings you will be kicked out of the guild and banned from the member section on this forum. Any serious breach of the codex can lead to immediate dismissal.

11. If you leave the guild then decide to return, each case will be judged on merit. If you left the guild on good terms with solid reason, then chances are we'll ask you to reapply and start afresh. If otherwise, then there's a good chance we may decline any new application.

Group Looting Policy
Unless specified otherwise during the group this is the group looting policy for Phoenix of the Sun.
It’s basically need over greed using the built in Blizzard looting system.

Members should only roll need if they can personally use the item. Priority for a class item is always given to the main class first, if another class can use another classes item they should only roll need if the priority class DOES NOT need it (an example would be a Devout chest piece drops which is a Priest item and as such only Priests should roll need, if no priest needs this item then other cloth wearers may roll need).

Members with alternative characters cannot claim items on behalf of those characters, only for the character they are playing at the moment. So for example a Paladin will never say he needs Cloth Armour, or a Priest would never say he needed Mail.

A possible exception to this rule is in the case of recipes. If no one in the current party needs a recipe then a member can roll need if it can be used by one their alternative characters. A common courtesy at this point is to let party members know this.

Raid Looting Policy
Below this topic, you find the Raid Codex which you will have to agree on to if you wish to raid with us. We do not use DKP systems, there are no strict rules on attendance, and loot is rolled on using main character>alternate character>offspec priority. The idea being to gear up everyone's main character for 25 man raids.

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Raid Codex

Posted: Fri 02-Oct-2009 19:22
by Uinseann
Raid codex - Updated August 2017

Current raid Tier
Legion - Tomb of Sargeras

Entry Requirements: 900 Average iLevel and full enchants/gems (we're focused on Heroic mode now)

1. Raid System
Anyone who attends an official raid will be expected to have read and agreed to this Raid Codex. People will be able to have their own impromptu runs held to whatever rules they fancy, but all 'proper' raids would be under these rules. In this way, the rules are all optional - if you do not like them, you don't have to come on any of the official raids. However signing up to the official raids will mean that you agree to these rules.

2. The PotS raiding philosophy – Every little helps!
To raid with pots we don't ask that you are a perfect player (none of us are!) but there is a lot you can do to help the raid succeed. Raiding requires a lot of attention, the less you have to think about what buttons you're bashing the better, so learn your class! This really helps, if your characters rotations and cooldowns are second nature to you, learning the boss will be a lot easier. There will be someone in the guild who knows your class and spec so just ask on the forums or in guild chat for help. Make sure you are gemmed and enchanted correctly. Again, ask a guildie if you need help. Do some research on the fight, go to youtube, or check on our forum, normally we have a video up of bosses we are currently working on.

Each raid requires a certain average item level (as seen above). If you're not there yet you could ask them for help getting more gear! We have a lot of crafters and plenty of guild dungeon runs going on most of the time, so gearing up should not be a problem.

3. Raid Nights
We will have regular raids every week, two if enough people sign up, again depending on number of sign ups:

Thursday 20:00 to 23:00 (server time)
Sunday 20:00 to 23:00 (server time)

Invites will start 15 minutes beforehand. We want to actually start at the times mentioned so please don't treat them as login times. If you are going to be late, post in the forum so we are aware of it (The mini-chat works really well for this). Take into account any time you might need before the raid to get consumables. If you are not online 5 minutes before start the raid leader may replace you.If you wish to leave before the end please say so to an officer/raid lead as we would obviously prefer people who can attend the whole raid. If you leave early we may have to finish the raid which is less fun for everyone else.

With the flexible raiding system introduced in Mists of Pandaria, we can afford to have some people jump in and out of the raid as we go along, so some people can potentially start late/end earlier. Bear in mind that we can not guarantee your spot if you want to join later than starting time and that we want people to keep to the ending time as much as possible, since leaving earlier can affect the healer/tank/dps ratio and potentially cause the raid to end early.

PotS does not do hardcore raiding but that does not mean we should not make the most from the time we have available to raid. We have comfort breaks during the raid at the raid leader's discretion (mostly right before or after a boss) and we would like people to keep to these breaks as their only AFK times. You might think it is ok to AFK during trash packs, since "It's only trash, right?", but trash does actually die faster as the number of people killing it increases! Each time someone is late, AFK for trash, a ready check before a boss, that is time that we are wasting. We all have busy lives and some of us have to plan around RL to attend raids. Be respectful of other people's time.

4. Signing up for raids
We use the in game calendar for signing up. You will need to pick a main for raiding, it is likely you will be playing this character for a long time so make a wise choice. We are not here to level Alts, so swapping Mains is not encouraged. You must also make sure you have Discord and our essential add-ons installed. Add-ons are listed below.

4a. Raiding with alts
We understand that some people like to play Alt characters and this is something that can be advantageous for the guild, since we can sometimes draw from this pool of characters to fill necessary roles in the raid.

Towards the end of patch content, when the vast majority of mains is geared up, the guild will occasionally do alt runs to help gear up alts.

Minimum ilvl restrictions also apply to alts joining any guild raid, as a collection of low ilvl, green-geared alts will not only have a much lower likelihood of clearing bosses but is also unfairly preventing other people who took the time to gear up their characters from progressing. Our item level requirements are not unreasonable or unattainable, even for alt characters.

Guild raids, be them main or alt runs, are not the place where you learn to play your alts. We expect that if you want to raid on an alt you already have invested some time on it and learned how to play the class.

5. Loot rules
The raid leader will ask everyone who needs an item to /roll in raid chat, loot will be handed out in the following priority:

1. Main characters that have not won an item.
2. Main characters that have won an item.
3. Alt characters that have not won an item.
4. Alt characters that have won an item.

The exception to these rules is if there is an alt character being played at the raid leader’s request for group balance reasons. In this case, the alt character can roll on items as if it was a main character.

At times, tier set items may be prioritised to those for whom the item would complete a set bonus.

6. Consumables
Have your flasks and food ready before the invite time so we don't waste any raid time with handing them out. Exception to this rule will apply when group consumables are available, such as cauldrons, feasts or temporary food vendors, in which case they will be deployed inside the raid instance as needed. The guild can provide flasks and food when possible but please bring some with you in case we don't have the mats for them. Donations of these mats to the Guild Bank are welcome!

7. Addons
We would like members to make sure they have the following add-ons, or equivalent compatible ones, installed and updated when we raid. There are handy links for you to download from.

Compulsory add-ons
Deadly Boss Mods

Advisable add-ons
Decursive This will help you decurse, cleanse, cure etc.. You can set it up so that it is transparent in the middle of your screen then when anyone gets cursed you can just click the square to decurse.
G.T.F.O. This screams at you if you stand in bad stuff!
Omen A threat meter
Recount / Skada (strongly advised!)

Please DO NOT spam Damage-meters in raid chat. It is not here for you to brag how good you are! It is to encourage people to look at their own performance and try to improve next time, or talk to a more experienced guildie about it.

Ranking Structure

Posted: Sun 04-Oct-2009 15:44
by Uinseann
Phoenix of the Sun Ranking Structure - Updated 18 October 2014

As like many other guilds, Phoenix of the Sun has a ranking structure in place to reward it's members for contributions and loyalty to the guild. Contribution comes in many different forms, here are some example:
  • Helping out your fellow guildies in quests.
  • Active poster and contributer in forum discussions.
  • Providing equipment/items to those members that need them or to the guild bank.
  • Organising events and taking part in events.
  • Assisting new recruits where possible.
  • Helping resolve problems between members either in-game or on the forums.
  • Being an active member of the guild over a long period of time.
This is the ranking structure:
You will notice the three ranks after 'Member' follow a similar pattern to that of reputation in the game.

Recruit: Players currently on an introductory trial with the guild.

Member: Full members of the guild.

Honored Member: Those who have been active for a long period, or have provided solid contribution to the guild.

Revered Member: Those that have provided solid and stable contribution over a long period of time and have been very loyal to the guild.

Exalted Member: Those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and have consistently provided solid contribution over a long period of time.

Officer: The Officers are the joint leaders of the guild. They manage the guild, resolve disputes, provide help and assistance where needed. They are in place to ensure everything is running smoothly and to make and shape guild policy.

PotS Friend: This forum rank is for players who are inactive or who left on good terms. They deserved the Pots Friend rank during their time in Phoenix of the Sun. They still keep in touch with the guild outside the game by posting on the forums or joining Guild-meets.

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Who is Who?

Posted: Sun 04-Oct-2009 15:44
by Uinseann
Who's Who in PotS? - Updated September 2016

This is a list of Phoenix of the Sun's officers and their most frequently played WoW alts.
The first name is their forum Username, the names in brackets are their in-game Warcraft names.

Guild leader
  • Sepharus
  • Bobstar (Bobstar/Barroso/Argusta)
  • Twixel (Twixel / Eliezer / Helixmajor / Witwicky / Whisp)
  • Uinseann (Uinseann/Uindor/Uinda/Kilara)
  • Vellor
  • Lucero (Lucero/and many alts)
  • Zanthuril (Graevus, Dreo)
  • Avenge
  • Kuryana
  • Glorn
  • Thoridon - Supreme ruler of the universe and the most bestest officer ever until someone sees this and edits it out.
Recruitment Officer
  • Twixel
Website Administrator / Teamspeak Server Administrator
  • Uinseann
Raid Leader
  • Thoridon
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