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Welcome to Phoenix of the Sun.

Please read our Recruitment Instructions, Guild Codex & Raid Codex before registering on the forums. Remember a well written application can bring you a long way and please let us know who you are as a person; it's you not your ability we want.

PotS is a mature and friendly guild with the emphasis on maintaining a guild with a family feel, where members are respectful of one another. We only accept members who are 15 years of age or older. We are more interested in recruiting the person behind the character than the character itself. PotS aims to offer our members the chance of experiencing all aspects of WoW and with this in mind we are interested in recruiting members who share this interest. We are not just interested in endgame raiding and as a result if this is your sole purpose in joining us then I’d suggest approaching a more endgame orientated guild.

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Post Quest: "Supporting the Cause"

Quest: "Supporting the Cause"
Quest Giver: High Priest Uinseann
Location: Stormwind City, Cathedral Square

Quest Description:

You approach High Priest Uinseann, a venerable figure known for his compassion and dedication to the Light. He greets you with a serene smile and a blessing.

"Greetings, noble adventurer! Our world, Azeroth, is enriched by the bravery and selflessness of heroes like you. Yet, to preserve the knowledge and wisdom that guides us, we must also rely on the generosity of our community.

"We have recently embraced a new, wondrous method for our citizens and champions to contribute directly to our cause. If you could assist us by making a small donation using the mystical conduit known as PayPal, it would greatly aid our efforts in maintaining the libraries and archives of our sacred knowledge."

Quest Objective:

Make a donation using PayPal to help maintain the Azerothian Archives website. Return to High Priest Uinseann with confirmation of your contribution.


500 Experience Points
[Blessed Satchel](Contains various holy cows )
Increased Reputation with the mighty guild Phoenix of the Sun
1 [Scroll of Divine Knowledge](Grants access to the Guild's knowledge)

Dialogue Upon Completion:

"Your contribution will not be forgotten, <name>. Together, we can ensure that the Light's wisdom is preserved for future generations. May your paths be forever blessed with the Light's grace!"


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Post pro moo tions 2024

Hello and many happy returns to POTS! With our guild soon turning 19 , some pro moo tions are in order.

The following members have been recognized for their contributions to the guild:

Moo to Honored Moo:


Revered moo to officer:


Well done and congratulations!

Thanks you for the great many years and to many more years to come.


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Post Amirdrassil Cleared


Big flappy boss is down :)

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Post Sarknomore


Sarkareth down and Normal cleared, on to Heroic :)

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